A to Z of funding (P)



Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors. Like a SWOT analysis, it involves looking at the factors that have a bearing (or might do) on your organisation, and can provide a good starting point for planning.

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Philanthropy, philanthropic

Philanthropy means the love of mankind, universal good will. A philanthropic act is one which benefits other people, and a philanthropist is a person that does good to others.

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If you make more than you spend on a given thing or over a given period, you have made a profit. In voluntary organisations this is usually referred to as a surplus because the money isn't given to shareholders or staff, it's used by the organisation to further its aims.

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Project, project funding

A project is usually understood as something that a group or organisation does - an activity or a service. So it's part, but not necessarily all, of the organisation. Many groups run several projects, in which case what's not a project is often called the 'core' of the organisation. There is a big debate about the funding of core costs.

Because of the difficulty of getting funding for core costs, some organisations have become very good at packaging up their core functions as separate 'projects'. So their newsletter is a separate project, their need to buy publications becomes a 'library and resources' project, someone answering the phone is a 'helpline' project, and so on.

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Application, bid, tender. The word is often used for large projects where the document is quite long and complicated.

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