A to Z of funding (L)



Local Development Agency

This is a term used to describe organisations that help 'develop' local voluntary and community groups. There are a number of different definitions of LDAs but 'develop' usually includes providing support of one kind or another. LDAs may: offer practical assistance to local groups, be a 'voice' for the local voluntary sector, set standards, develop new initiatives and groups and (sometimes) give out money on behalf of funders. Councils for Voluntary Service (CVS) and Rural Community Councils (RCCs) are examples of local development agencies but there are other resource centres and 'umbrella organisations' called all sorts of different things. CVS and RCCs may also be called other things: Voluntary Action Blanktown, Blanktown Council of Social Service, Blanktown Council of Voluntary Organisations are all possibilities.

Some areas have specific funding information organisations. They too have a variety of names. South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau and Funding Information North East are examples of dedicated funding advice agencies.

You may find that your local authority can point you in the direction of your nearest LDA or funding advice agency. Or try one of the following:

* ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England)
* FRCC (Federation of Rural Community Councils)
* NACVS (National Association of Councils for Voluntary Service - national means England)
* NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations - national means England)
* NICVA (Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action)
* SCVO (Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations)
* WCVA (Wales Council for Voluntary Action)

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