A to Z of funding (G)


Gift Aid

A tax-effective way of making a one-off gift to a charity. The gift can be for any amount and be one-off or regular. The charity needs to register with Inland Revenue in order to claim repayment of tax. The Inland Revenue have useful guidance on their website at www.inlandrevenue.gov.uk/charities/claim_tax_back.htm.

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A gift of money to support an organisation or an activity. A grant is not a contract; there is no legal obligation on the recipient to provide a particular service or product.

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GuideStar UK

GuideStar UK also building a website through which the public will have free access to a database of high quality information on UK charities. Initially developed in the US, where it has proved highly successful, GuideStar UK has received £2.9 million over three years from Government for its development in this country. The fully functional site is scheduled to be launched in phases beginning in summer 2005.

The website is intended to serve a variety of purposes for different users. So, for example, someone wishing to donate to a charity would be able to search for different charities working in a particular field and compare them. Similarly, charities, including grant-making trusts, will be able to increase awareness about their work. The site will also give researchers and policy makers a new tool for analysing the voluntary and community sector.

More information is available from the GuideStar UK website:

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